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What can we do for you in the shipping industry chain?
Industry chain and enterprise consumption · Application service provider
Deeply accompany TMC to build an application platform for China's vast enterprise group
Dig deep into the domestic and foreign aviation travel market, and build a B wide application platform on a global scale.
What can you do in the airline industry chain?
Fully penetrate the shipping industry chain
Providing individual system services in the shipping industry chain
Open the Channel of the Whole Line Industry Chain
Airline Company
Global Cooperative Navigation Division
Travel Agent
Level I and Level II Agents
Pro Service Business Travel Management Company
All-round Business Travel Supply Chain Platform
Supporting High Quality Business Travel Science and Technology Services
Providing Personalized Business Travel Settlement Scheme
UnionPay E-Ticket
Business Travel Supply Chain Integration and Settlement Services
Comprehensive Service of Business Travel Science and Technology at Enterprise Level
Cross-border Value
Global Business and Travel Products Settlement Value-added Services
Sales Representative
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